Best Brother and Sister Quotes to Share their Bond

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Numerous relationships in the world but some are more than special and full of emotions. That one relationship, which is the most amazing, irritating, and lovely at the same time. The relationship of a brother and Sister is mesmerizing and funny altogether. We’re here with brother and sister quotes to keep your fights crunchy as well as sweet. 

Brothers and sisters fight a lot but do possess protective emotions towards each other whenever one is in trouble or in pain. They may never show it physically but internally, they have so much love for each other that they can literally do anything for the sake of one another. Quotes about brother and sister are one such way to make your sibling feel special about your relationship.

Fights and arguments never decide how important a bond is and how important the person is in our life. The love we have is not necessarily shown to a person but can be felt at every bit of it. Quotes on brother and sister can help you know the emotional support and connection of your sibling and will let them know your love for them. 

Given below are some cute brother sister quotes to make your sibling feel special and lucky to have you in their life. 

Brother and sister quotes

1.) “My brother never express his love towards me but he is the one who protect me from any situation.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

2.) “Doing the silliest things to make me happy even when tears well up in my eyes is what I love the most about you, my brother.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

3.) “After mom & dad, a girl feels safe & complete being with her brother.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

4.) “Happiest moment when you just pick-up the phone to call your sister and suddenly you get a call from sister side.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

5.) “Friends? No, lovers? No, then what are you guys? something that only both of us can understand and feel, something is just pure and beautiful. We are brother and sister from another mother.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

6.) “Psychology says girls love their brother more than their boyfriend.”

7.) “We all have that sister who get angry for small things.”

8.) “Seeing my brother smile, I forget my tears and seeing my brothers tears, I forget my smile.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

9.) “Only sister can feel brother’s silent pain and she will hold his hand until he became strong again.”

10.) “My sister is one of the greatest blessings from god. Her love is a gift that I am thankful for everday.”

funny brother and sister quotes

11.) “If you angry with your brother and sister, just put a side your egos, just hug each other and say: i need you idiot at least to fight with me.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

12.) “My brother is very special to me, do you know why? because he always says, don’t worry I’m right here for you.”

13.) “Dear sister, the forbes billionaire list is totally wrong. I am the richest person in the world, because no one else has the love of a wonderful sister like you.”

14.) “Sometimes I feel ugly. Then I look at my brother and I’m okay.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

15.) “He is not my brother, he is my life line, he is my protecter and most of all, I love him so much.”

16.) “A sister is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

17.) “A perfect brother sister bond doesn’t require any blood relation. It requires perfect love, care, anger, laugh, sarcasm, food, secret sharing and many things.”

18.) “Dear brother, I don’t care when you disturb me but I get disturbed when you don’t disturb me.”

19.) “Dear brother from another mother, you came into my life unexpectedly and now I want you permanently.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

20.) “If I could pick the best brother, I would pick you.”

Brother and sister bond quotes

21.) “One of the most important responsibility as a sister is irritating your brother 24/7.”

22.) “Dear sister, I love you so much. You are like my angel with a love that always glows. You are one of the greatest gift.”

23.) “Sisters and brothers are connected throughout their lives by a special bond.”

24.) “There can be no companion better than a brother and there can be no friend better than a sister.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

25.) “We are sister & brother and best friend for life.”

26.) “Dear sister, there are many people who come across me daily. Yes I’m busy sometimes, but never fell insecure for your priorities because you are the one who is in my heart permanent.”

Brother and Sister Quotes

27.) “Nobody can replace a brother’s love even so many friends come as best friend. I love you brother.”

28.) “No matter what your age is, your brother always take care of you.”

29.) “A brother and sister relationship is always special and strong.”

30.) “Girl’s firts love can never be with wrong person because every girl’s first love is her brother.”

31.) “Brother and sister, together as friend, ready to face whatever life sends.”

32.) “Hands in hands or miles apart, sisters and brothers always connected by heart.”

33.) “Being brother and sister means being there for each other.”

34.) “Cousins by blood. Sister by heart. Friends by choice.”

35.) “You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.”

Final thoughts

The relationship between a brother and sister is like that of tom and jerry; funny, loving, scary, and irritating at the same time. They fight a lot but can never get apart and always support each other at every point of life. Quotes about brother and sister can help you understand this sweet and tangy relationship with immense love.

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