Neha Kalia: A plus-size model who proves that size is doesn’t matter in the fashion industry

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Fashion and beauty have always been important in society and been much in debate as well. Definition of fashion and beauty has changed all over the world over the years. Size color, height, figure, and even size zero has always been part of the debate. The influence of fashion and beauty has been so much in society that the so-called beauty standards of society has even led young girls and boys to depression and have challenged heir self-esteem beauty does not lie in a particular size or body structure, however its most important to love your self The moment you start loving yourself you can see the beauty in you and things around you.

neha kalia

One such female who is bringing a change in her life and who is advocating for body positivity is Neha Kalia known as @curveswervebyneha on Instagram. She is on a mission to empower women to wear what they love irrespective of their size or any other issue. She has struggled with her weight issues most of her life and then stood up and made up her mind that whatever happens, she will not stop loving herself.

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She is a wife, a mother, a philanthropist, and now a plus size fashion influencer. Through her page, she talks about fashion, beauty, and shares many inspiring stories. ‘Being a plus size does not mean I don’t work out. I work out regularly and love to do yoga. My agenda is to be healthy in whatever size I am. I wear the clothes I want to, my comfort and choice is of utmost importance.’ She says.

Neha’s everyday fashion along with her styling tips makes itanaccessible choice for other plus size women watching her. She is someone who speaks her mind through her fashion. Her style focuses on everything from western outfits toIndian cuts and designs.

Be it suits or lehengas, jeans or skirts, dresses, or gowns on any occasion with her super confident attitude which is a cherry on the cake leaves a lasting impact on her followers. No wonder 14.6k people follow her on Instagram and it seems that the same will only go up the confidence, poise, style, and vision will only take her upwards in all she will do.

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