Sad Quotes: 70 Quotes About Sadness in 2020

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There are various emotions such as happiness, love, excitement as well as sadness. Alike every other emotion sadness is one of the most common and eternal emotions. It is always with us like our shadow, its meant to be with us always. Why worry when you can ease yourself with some good sad quotes?

Sadness doesn’t mean that you keep falling part and drowning yourself from the good. All you need is motivation and the potential to bring yourself up and stay strong. Sadness is the way to make you stronger and not weak. Quotes on sadness can help you lift your mood.

Whatever we go through, we must always remember sadness is not with us forever and we must know how to get rid of it and stay motivated. Given below are some inspirational sad quotes that will help you become the winner of your battle.

Sad Love Quotes

1.) “A male friend will never hurt you until he becomes your boyfriend.”

2.) “I wish your memories could fade. The way your love did.”

3.) “The heaviest burdens that every human carry in his life, are the toughest in his mind.”

4.) “I lost someone who didn’t love me. But you lost someone who truly loved you.”

5.) “It was clueless on your part that how you promised to be a major part of my life and now you just happen to be a paradox.”

6.) “The first person who made me happy, is the reason why I am sad right now.”

sad quotes

7.) “People change for two reasons: Either their minds have been opened, or their hearts have been broken.”

sad quotes

8.) “You can do 99 things for someone and all they’ll remember is the one thing you didn’t do.”

9.) “Memories are wonderful to make, but sometimes painful to remember.”

10.) “If you ever feel you are no longer important to someone, then leave their life silently.”

Sad Quotes About Life

11.) “The Bible says, “love never fails” so if it fails, just know it wasn’t love.”

12.) “May be an image is worth 1,000 words but some words are worth 10,000 tears.”

13.) “Someday the clouds won’t be so dark, and I can see the stars again.”

sad quotes

14.) ‘I always overthink myself into a bad mood.”

15.) “I keep checking my phone like someone actually cares about me.”

16.) “Sometimes, the people who are thousand miles away from you, can make you feel better than people right beside you.”

17.) “Pain changes people, it makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out.”

18.) “I’m that one person that gives you lectures about life but still does everything wrong.”

19.) “Sadness is an illness from the origins of a fake smile.”

sad quotes

20.) “Stop giving the same person different opportunities to disappoint you.”

Sad Relationship Quotes

21.) “Remember this, the right person will never get tired of you.”

22.) “It hurts when you have someone in your heart but not in your arms.”

23.) “It hurts like hell when you know that you need to let go of someone but you can’t because you’re still waiting for the impossible to happen.”

24.) “What you hide in your heart, appears in your eyes.”

25.) “One thing learned in my whole life till now: you can be important to someone but not all time.”

26.) “If somebody seriously wants to be a part of your life, they will seriously make an effort to be in it.”

sad quotes

27.) “Many people think love is full of joy, smile and romance. But actually truth is, love is full of hurt, pain and cry.”

28.) “Sure, I can delete your photos, your texts, your number but how do I delete your face, your voice and the memories we made.”

29.) “Don’t force someone to make time for you, if they really want to, they will.”

30.) “The practice of staying present will heal you. Obsessing about how the future will turn out creates anxiety. Replaying broken scenarios from the past causes anger or sadness. Stay here, in the moment.”

Sad Quotes About Pain

31.) “Everyone can see a laughing face, but no one can see a broken heart.”

32.) “I won’t call but I care, I won’t text you but I think of you every time, I won’t meet but I always miss you, I won’t say but I always love you.”

33.) “Dear girls, stop wasting tears for a fake person somewhere a person is dying to get a text from you.”

34.) “If you don’t love me tell me but please don’t ignore me.”

35.) “Don’t expect too much high, you will have to pay for it.”

36.) “Every time I think of you, I stop myself from thinking of you, because I always lose myself when I think of you. I haven’t been myself since I lost you.”

37.) “I still have a hope that one day you will miss me, the way I’m missing you right now.”

38.) “No matter how many tears I cry tonight, I’ll show up to school tomorrow with a smile on my face. Nobody will know, and nobody will care.”

39.) “One day you will laugh at the problems you have now.”

40.) “I stopped replying to everyone, so if I reply or talk to you it means you are important or special to me.”

Sad Friendship Quotes

41.) “And now you’re just a stranger with all my secrets.”

42.) “It’s sad because you don’t care that our friendship is gone.”

43.) “A true friend’s silence hurts more than an enemy’s rough words.”

44.) “The pain of knowing that you are not enough for someone and not being able to do anything about it really hurts.”

45.) “Why do you keep coming back to break me even more?

46.) “Faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why you are said.”

47.) “I went through my darkest times alone so I’m sorry if act like I don’t need anyone.”

48.) “How a person reacts to your sadness says a lot about how long they’re going to be in your life.”

sad quotes

49.) “No matter how many friendships I have I will always end up feeling alone.”

50.) “We don’t lose friends, we just learn who our real ones are.”

Feeling Sad Quotes

51.) “My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself.”

52.) “I tell myself that I don’t need anyone, but truth is no one needs me.”

53.) “I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.”

54.) “I’m so broken that I can feel it. I mean, physically feel it. This is so much more than being sad now. This is affecting my whole body.”

55.) “I have found so much beauty in the dark as I have found a lot of horrors in light.”

56.) “The worst part about being the strong one is that no one ever asks if you’re okay.”

sad quotes

57.) “I’m here for you” you had once said but when I needed you, you ignored me instead.”

58.) “If I have to ask for your attention, then I don’t even want it.”

59.) “Sometimes it’s better to be alone because no one can hurt you.”

60.) “I feel like everybody secretly hates me but pretends they don’t.”

Sad Quotes About Love and Pain

61.) “My feelings? Oh don’t worry about those, no one else does.”

62.) “I keep it all inside because I rather the pain destroy me, than everyone else I care about.”

63.) “Crying is how your heart speaks, when your lips can’t explain the pain you feel.”

64.) “I hate getting flashbacks about things I don’t want to remember.”

65.) Why am I such a disappointment to my friends and family?

66.) “Roses are dead. Violets are dying. Outside I’m smiling. Inside I’m crying.”

sad quotes

67.) “Sorry means nothing to me now. I trust actions not words.”

68.) “You say you’re there for me but you want to leave me for someone else.”

69.) “The saddest thing is when you are feeling real down, and you look around and realize that there is no shoulder for you to lay on.”

70.) “I’m thankful for my best friend that knows all my secrets and that I can talk to about all of it without me being annoying to them.”

Final Thoughts

Sadness and happiness are like night and cay, they come one after another and always stay in our lives like an eternal part. Sadness is natural either it’s a breakup or sorrow of something you didn’t get. But we’re sure these quotes on sadness can help you forget all your sorrows and rejoice your life. 

Did you like our collection of motivational sad quotes? If yes, please let us know in the comment box provided below. Stay happy, stay motivated! Stay in touch with!


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